Enhance Your BOP Reliability Through Industry Collaboration

Watch our webinar in your own time and learn how to improve BOP assurance and operational efficiency through technology and collaboration. 

Achieve Optimal BOP Integrity

BOP integrity is critical for safe and efficient operations. Achieving optimal BOP integrity requires the forward thinking and expertise of industry leaders. 

Join us as we chat on how to maximize assurance and mitigate risks including unplanned BOP stack pulls. Through collaboration and technology, teams can drive down risk and significantly increase efficiency.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The importance and benefits of a holistic data-driven approach to BOP integrity
  • The value of connecting remote SMEs with rig teams to collaborate to troubleshoot and accelerate performance improvement
  • The benefits of proactive condition-based maintenance, ensuring BOPs are deployed in optimal condition.

Meet the Speakers

Patrick Hillard

Well Control Equipment SME, IPT

Michael Neves

Director of Software Engineering, IPT

Jonathon Taylor

Senior Subsea Engineer, Saipem

Leonard Childers

Director of Engineering, BOP SME, IPT

Kris Pearce

Business Development Manager, IPT

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